Mini Cooper Stretch Limo

‘Mini’ is an understatement for the stretch limo ‘mini’ cooper. So, if you thought that you would find a compact cooper on its way to pick you up, boy are you in for a surprise! 27-feet, six wheels, smashing interior-it’s not every day that you see such a car, let alone ‘ride’ in it.

LIMOUSINE MADE OUT OF A MINI COOPER mini cooper stretch limo hire. Take a look at this very special looking limousine! The Mini Cooper Limousine is a very rare limousine! Even though the mini has been stretched, it keeps all the fun characteristics of the original Mini Cooper and still looks awesome as a limousine.

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17/02/2016  · Only one of it’s kind in the UK and available for hire from passion limousines. perfect for Proms, Weddings, Nights out…Arrive in Style A real Head Turner….

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Kamran Akram, owner of Krystal Limousines in Coventry, said he flew a regular Mini Cooper S to Las Vegas for the £65,000 makeover.

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